With FrameMaker 11 you can go beyond using PDF to represent "paper in pixels." Distribute PDF to reviewers who do not require a SW license to make complex notes and annotations. Import reviewer feedback directly "in place" within FM source files. Also, master the simple steps required to publish dynamic graphics (e.g. exploded 3-D diagrams) that your users can manipulate in a guided or "free style" experience.

In this session, Bernard Aschwanden covers a desireable methodology for planning out a publishing project which will be covered across all 3-sessions of this series. In this episode you will see:

  • 3 ways to import content from MS Word and achieve desired formatting
  • Working with structured documents as well as Regular FrameMaker documents
  • A preview of dynamic 3D graphics output to PDF
  • How to accomplish document review via PDF, import comments "in place" into source FrameMaker documents
  • How to locate and manage markers
  • Importing a "video" SW simulation from Captivate

ABOUT THE PRESENTER: Bernard Aschwanden is a content strategist, pubs tech expert, and an author, who is also a Director of the Society for Technical Communications. A certified trainer, he teaches content strategy, DITA, content management, minimalism, and topic-based writing. Bernard is an Adobe Certified Expert, a Certified Technical Trainer, and the author of numerous articles on xml-based publishing and single sourcing. He is the founder and President of Publishing Smarter.